Last decade, we often hear the word nanotechnology. What is nanotechnology? Of course, everyone has long known that the prefix "nano" means 10 -9 , but I suggest not to examine them in physics, and in fact this term.
So imagine now that you have a child and you have a constructor, which consists of such large blocks. One cube about the size of a cup of 300ml. Do you have red, blue, yellow, green cubes. But they are all approximately the same shape and a large enough size. What can you gather from these blocks? You can make a column or box, or even some simple shape. But you will never be able to collect detailed design, such that allows you to collect, for example, a well-known designer of Lego. So, the designer of the larger blocks are so-called micro, then there are those who are well developed now, but Lego is nanotechnology.
It should be noted that the embodiment of nanotechnology can not be called any substance comprising nano-particles . Nano technologies involve precise manipulation, management and control of these particles. One popular misconception is attrhbuting to the products of nanotechnology. "

That is, nanotechnology should give an opportunity to gather new material atoms. This allows materials to be improved, to allow them to give up this unprecedented properties and finally allow them to become nanomaterials .